Top National Parks in 2017 to Visit this Year

When Spring starts to wind down and Summer is just a few days of sunshine away, you can’t help to start getting the RV engine up and running. A quick service, and it’s time to start mapping out the route for the summer including your favorite diners, gas stations, rest stops, and most importantly, the points of interest!

For those of you interested in making your National Park wishlist for summer, we did a little homework for you in advance! Here’s a list of the top national parks in 2017 by visitors. Of course, you’ll see The Smoky Mountains and Grand Canyon at the front of the pack, but the hidden gems that round out the list are absolutely worth noting for your upcoming trip!

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Don’t forget, if you want to save some money on your trips and don’t mind the bigger crowds, there are two days of the year where The National Park Service is opening its gates for free! Mark your calendar for September, 22 and November, 11 (Veterans Day).


Top National Parks to Visit


Top 10 National Parks by Annual Visitors

1. The Great Smoky Mountains | 11.4 Million Visitors

Why is it the most visited park year after year? Known for it’s rich wildlife diversity weaving in and out of the North Carolina and Tennessee boarder, this park is a great place to visit with the entire family. This magnificent range of the Southern Appalachian mountains is a picture-perfect scene you have to view with your own eyes!

2. Grand Canyon National Park | 6.3 Million Visitors

Pictures really don’t do it justice, and neither does the word “grand”. The Grand Canyon is breathtaking! For the experienced hiker, rafting adventurer, or simply anyone who wants to admire natural beauty, there’s options for everyone. If you’re lucky enough to get on the “lottery list”, planning a Grand Canyon whitewater-rafting trip is a once in a lifetime experience!

3. Zion National Park | 4.5 Million Visitors

Also known as, Utah’s first National Park! Follow the historic trails that were once walked by pioneers and Native Americans and look upon the brilliantly colored sandstone cliffs. The mix of Southwestern wildlife brings together a diverse experience you won’t get anywhere else!

4. Rocky Mountain National Park | 4.4 Million Visitors

Top National Parks to Visit

Rocky Mountain National Park’s is 415 square miles of beauty. The Trail Ridge Road is a hiker’s paradise! Cresting over 12,000 feet with over 300 miles of trails to hike, you won’t want to forget your hiking gear!

Follow the links below to get the inside scoop on planning your trip to the rest of these amazing parks that round out the top 10 list!

5. Yosemite National Park | 4.3 Million Visitors

6. Yellowstone National Park | 4.1 Million Visitors

7. Acadia National Park | 3.5 million Visitors

8. Olympic National Park | 3.4 million Visitors

9. Grand Teton National Park | 3.3 million Visitors

10 . Glacier National Park | 3.3 million Visitors 


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