Summer Fun Activities for Retirees

When school’s out and temperatures climb, no matter our age, we all start to crave new adventures, evening cookouts, and the fun that the promise of the summer season gives us. Summer is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the outdoors, and to venture out and experience some new summer fun activities.

There are plenty of available activities for retirees in your city that allow you to experience some summer fun, see your city in a new way, and take full advantage of the warmer weather. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Take a Yoga or Tai Chi Class

Most areas offer Tai Chi and yoga classes for seniors, designed to increase your strength and balance without forcing you to stand on your head—we promise. In the summer months, many classes head outdoors to enjoy the green grass below your feet, the leaves blowing in the trees, and the fragrant smell of flowers in the garden as you breathe deeply and flow through forms or poses of yoga and Tai Chi

Tai Chi has actually been proven to decrease the risk of falls in older adults, and with its focus on developing strength, flexibility, and balance, it’s the perfect low-impact exercise to add into your routine. The benefits from taking a yoga class are similar, but also include lower blood pressure, decreased feelings of stress and anxiety, and stronger bone density. Not only will you be enjoying the beauty of summer in an outdoor class, you’ll be bettering your body and your mind at the same time.

Check Out a Local Summer Concert Series

Many cities or parks partner with their local symphony or other area musicians or music groups, to provide music in the park or at another outdoor venue. It’s the perfect opportunity to pack a fancy picnic (perhaps some cheese, grapes, and maybe even a little dark chocolate?) and enjoy some tunes as the sun sets and temperatures cool at the end of the day. Be sure to check out this list of easy picnic recipes as you plan for a meal “al fresco!”

Bring a friend or even make it a reoccuring group outing, to turn a musical summer night into one of your favorite traditions. Check with your local symphony, parks department, or outdoor venue to find a concert near you. (And don’t forget the bug spray!)

Shop Your Local Farmers’ Market

Summer means fresh produce, and we can all stand to add more fresh fruits and vegetables to our diets, right? Enjoy a morning spent at the nearby farmers’ market, pick out some delicious produce for the week, shop local, and improve your diet all in one fell swoop.

At many markets, you can enjoy tunes from local musicians as you wander from stall to stall. You can even buy some fresh-cut flowers to add some summer flair to the inside of your home as well. Stop by the stand for homemade pies or the local bakery for a sweet treat, too!

Join a Summer Reading Club

Summer reading clubs aren’t just for kids anymore. Many libraries now offer reading clubs for their adult patrons, so if you’re already a bookworm, or looking to dive into some new books, join a reading club and keep record of all the books you devour in one summer, now that you have more time to actually enjoy the “dog days of summer.”

Many clubs offer prizes based on how many pages you read, or the number of books you’ve finished, so if you join a summer reading club, your reading habit may pay off in the form of gift cards to coffee shops or the local ice cream place, a new tote bag, some great coupons, and more!

Take a Swim Aerobics Class

If you’re looking for a way to beat the heat, consider signing up for a swim aerobics class. Not only is a dip in the pool refreshing, but exercising in the water takes the pressure off your joints and muscles and adds resistance, not to mention other countless other health benefits. The best part? It’s a lot of fun! Chances are in an water based exercise class, you’ll enjoy cooling off in the clear-blue water of your local pool, get a great workout in, and never notice that you’re breaking a sweat.

Interested in a water-based workout, but looking to start out on your own first? Here are some exercises you can do yourself in any pool. Not sure where to find a class? Contact your local YMCA or JCC, check in with your gym, swim club, or local senior center for a class near you.

Set Off on an RV Adventure

You don’t have to worry about vacation days anymore, so why not take off and see the country, up close and personal? Pack up your own personal RV, or rent one if you haven’t taken the plunge, and enjoy all the benefits of camping while bringing the comforts of home with you. It’s a fun way to explore the beauty and majesty of the United States. Grab some road trip snacks and some of your favorite tunes, and hit the road.

We’ve come up with a list of some of the best places to visit via RV, but don’t just read about them— get going! Take off on an adventure and you’ll see why RVing is one of the most popular activities for retirees during warmer months.

Plant a Garden

Get your hands dirty and grow your very own vegetables or cultivate your own bed of perennials and petunias. You could even start your own rose garden. There’s nothing like a fresh, bright red, juicy tomato you’ve picked from your very own garden; throw in some of your own homegrown basil and some fresh mozzarella and you’ve got a caprese salad that can’t be beat by anything you can order in a restaurant.

Not up to a vegetable garden? Give your yard a facelift with some hydrangeas that bloom all summer long or maybe even try your hand at creating a topiary. Spending time in your garden is a great way to get some fresh air and it can be therapeutic as well: it’s great for your mental health, it’s relaxing, and it releases “happy hormones.” Your mind— and your yard— will thank you.

The bottom line? There are all kinds of summer fun activities available for retirees, as close as your own backyard, and as far away as the other side of the country. Get fit in the great outdoors, or check out lots of ideas for other activities for retirees on our blog.

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