When thinking of relocating for retirement you are not alone. Over 700,000 Americans this year will move to a different state to enjoy their retirement. It’s not a small feat when considering all the items you should consider. 

The Retirement Relocation Checklist is not exhaustive but a way for you to begin to think about what’s important to you when relocating for retirement.

Download your Relocation Checklist

Linda Brown

I was looking for a retirement community that included amenities (a dining area, activity center, exercise area) but also allowed my husband and me to come and go as we pleased without any issues. Our community is safe, the associated staff is friendly, and close to medical care for our routine appointments.

Anthony Holmes

We wanted to retire somewhere warm, but not in a rainy waterfront area. My wife and I have always preferred an open desert landscape, but one that is surrounded by hiking areas and plenty to do. When we were referred to a beautiful rural area in Arizona with a wonderful healthcare system, it was perfect.


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