9 Best Places to Retire if You Love Hiking

1. Northeast Georgia Mountains, Georgia

As you get deeper into North Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, you’ll eventually find Blairsville-Union County.

This pre-Civil War mountain community is the perfect place to relocate if you’ve always dreamed of living somewhere surrounded by forests and mountains.

It’s honestly one of America’s many hidden gems and is ideal for hikers. It’s conveniently located boastings only a three-hour drive from both Atlanta and Greenville.

2. Monterey County, California

Situated on California’s central coast, it’s approximately a 45-minute drive from San Jose. This makes Monterey County the perfect blend for those who enjoy long hikes in addition to all the hustle and bustle a big city has to offer.

With approximately 99 miles of scenic coastline for your to explore, Monterey is a coastal hikers paradise.

If you choose to retire here, you can truly immerse yourself amidst the all beautiful views and walks this place has to offer.

3. Solana Beach, California

If you had to describe this location in one word it would be ‘charming.’ If you’ve always dreamed of living by the sea and filling your time taking endless coastal hikes throughout your retirement, Solana Beach won’t disappoint.

There’s plenty of handy amenities located here. Including over 50 restaurants for you to choose from, as well as plenty of trendy nightclubs and cocktail bars for you to enjoy.

Located across the northern coast of San Diego County, it’s only 20 miles away from San Diego- which is ideal for exploring all the delights of this buzzing city!

4. Mississippi Gulf Coast

If you envision your retirement as one long vacation, then Mississippi’s Gulf Coast might be the perfect place for you to relocate to.

The weather’s pretty mild, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to go hiking. Or, if you’re a fan of golfing this place has a lot to offer. With over 20 golf courses for you to enjoy Mississippi’s Gulf Coast is a Golfers delight.

If you fancy a good night out from time to time, their casinos are worth a visit. They’re famous for hosting exciting shows which provide spectacular entertainment.

Also, if you’re into fishing and boating, there are plenty of fresh lakes and ocean waters for you to make the most of. All in all, if you’re planning an active retirement- this location is a great choice!

5. Aspen, Colorado

Hikers from all around the country flock to Aspen, and for a good reason. There are tons of beautiful trails for you to enjoy along beautiful forests, valleys, and streams.

There are several art galleries and cozy restaurants for you to sample. If you also like fishing, you’ll love Aspen- the Roaring Fork River’s famous for its trout and runs straight through the center of town.

6. Mendocino County, California

If you’re after a more secluded community, then Mendocino County is fabulous. The scenery is nothing short of divine. There’s a solid sense of community spirit, so if that’s something you’re a fan of, you’re sure to fit in!

One of the best trails to explore is the Peter Douglas Trail, just over a couple of miles long it’s perfect for novices. You can enjoy the sights of age-old redwoods and gorgeous wildlife.

7. Nipomo, California

Founded in 1882, this town’s famously known as the most southern community in San Luis Obispo County.

The etymology of Nipomo stems from the Chumash Indian word “Nepomah.” which roughly translates as “the foot of the hills.” Unsurprisingly, you’ll find this gorgeous town at the bottom of rolling hills.

Explore miles of lemon and avocado orchards; you’ll feel like you’re transported to a simpler time. It’s the perfect place to retire if you want to relax and unwind.

Plus, there’s plenty of different kinds of scenery for you to enjoy. From the gorgeous dunes lining the ocean, to beautiful forests filled with sturdy California oaks, there’s honestly something for every hiker to enjoy. The views and the hikes here are both spectacular!

8. City of Pismo Beach, California

This beach town’s nestled within California’s glorious central coast. The expansive white sands are breathtaking, they’re perfect for enjoying a gentle mid-afternoon stroll.

Be sure to try all the coastal hikes this stunning place has to offer and time them just right so you can see the spellbinding sunset over Pismo Beach.

Also, if you consider yourself to be a wine connoisseur, you’ll be pleased to hear there are a few wineries located nearby. Stunning coastal hikes and top quality vino- what could be better?

9. Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

On the whole, the Columbia River Gorge boasts sunny weather. This means you’ll have ample opportunities to hike through luscious forests and admire the spellbinding river as it gushes by.

Or perhaps a gentle stroll through the orchards is more your scene? Either way, this place is rich in wildlife and history so you’re bound to find something for you to enjoy.

The Best Places for Retirees to Live: Final Thoughts

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