5 Reasons to Retire Near Palm Springs

If you’re considering retirement relocation in Southern California look no further than the desert oasis near Palm Springs! Once upon a time this prime vacation spot was frequented by some of Los Angeles’s most beloved Hollywood Stars (Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Ann Miller) and to this day, current A-list celebrity sightings wouldn’t be a surprise. The surrounding cities like Palm Desert, Desert Hot Springs, Indio, Indian Wells, Palm Springs, and La Quinta have become more than just a place to vacation, but a place many retirees have found to call home.

Although the Palm Springs area attracts celebrities, this Southern California destination has been receiving a steady influx of Baby Boomers over the years. From the steady climate, luxurious shopping and dining, to cultural attractions like the world famous, Palm Springs International Film Festival, there’s a fair amount to keep you busy! So, what’s the big draw to this desert paradise? There’s a plethora of amazing 55+ communities that encompass the active lifestyle that future retiree’s seek, and if you’re not looking to bid on a historic, mid-century celebrity home, the housing market is actually quite affordable compared to most California cities! Still not convinced? Here’s five reason to consider retiring in the Palm Springs area:


1. Cost of Living & Taxes

Did you know that that 55+ communities in the Palm Springs area tend to be a bit more budget friendly? Sure, the cost of living is a bit higher than some places, but typically these desert dwellers spend less on transportation, utilities, and the home in general. Most Southern California cities have a fairly big price tag associated to their homes, however, homes surrounding the Coachella Valley are actually fairly reasonable starting in the low $200k. It’s even possible to get settled into a beautiful age-restricted neighborhood for under $300k! Not to mention, these resort-like communities come fully-loaded with amenities that hardly require you to get in your car for social interactions and community events.

Pro Tip: You can get a few tax benefits by living here: untaxed Social Security benefits, options for property tax relief, and a reduction in the taxable value of their property.

2. Attractions & Recreation

Coachella Valley’s surrounding cities in Southern California can be perfect for those seeking an active lifestyle. The beautiful mountain views, hiking trails, and climbing options are endless! Here’s a few our favorites for the hiking enthusiasts:

If you’re not as active, or just less likely to enjoy the same activities as your thrill-seeking friends, fear not! There are plenty of other activities that suit those looking for a relaxed setting. See below!

How could we forget about the biggest attractions? Here’s some of the top Casinos and Golf Courses:

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3. Climate

Quick question: How does over 300 days of sun sound? If you answered, “amazing” or “a dream come true”, keep reading…

That’s right! You’ll need to pack enough sunscreen for the year. Although mid-day summer temperatures can reach 100 degrees, “snowbirds” can expect a warm 70-80 degrees during the winter days. Remember what they say, “you can’t shovel sunshine!”


4. Healthcare

Your personal health is important and the Palm Springs area is known to have some of the top medical facilities in Southern California. Here are a few that are ranked highly in the region, and for geriatric treatment:

5. Economy

With the influx of Baby Boomers moving to these desert cities, along with the strong tourism, real estate, and medical care, the “desert economy” is strong. These luxurious resorts and country clubs employ thousands of people resulting in low unemployment rate. The strong economy in Palm Springs makes the area a wonderful destination to consider when relocating for retirement!


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